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i need help right away

lavern started this conversation

i need 2000,00 top pay off some bill i need it right a way

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i need help pay my gas and water if don pay my gas bill going to cut me off 4 kids not work because of ill heath .so can please help me

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i need money right away because i am losing my home, amount 15000 dollars

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i need help i dry wall for me and my son rooms everyb thingb just fell down. if you know any one one in phila that will, donote ang please let me know we need floors wevall so need a living room funitures

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please pray for me and my sons, we really need help, we need money to get to get to atlanta please if you know any resouraces pleaser let me know god bless keep the faith

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i hope some will help me and my sons we really need help, i all so know otherpeople really need help also please i know thgod is big and can help every body we need tro stsay focus and keep the faith thank you all for will help us all.i do not no how add a pitcher i do not have a carma to do that.

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